Author: Hugues Aubin

All what we did in April (with a spring energy)!

Bionico in 3D training between the east and south of France   The first three weeks of April, Nicolas Huchet (aka Bionico) trained in 3D design and mechanics in TECH 3D a company located in Sarrebourg (east of France). He took there the opportunity to visit several makers like Nicolas…

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Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 !

2016 has been extreamly rich in events (see our December press release). For the past weeks, we have had successively and for the first time organised a photo exhibition, a buffet, and a press conference which was transmitted live on facebook. Following the announcement of a place in the finals,…

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Fabrikarium 2016: at the intersection of the worlds

More than 120 volunteers have gathered together from October 19th to 21st for the Fabrikarium, a big event organized in Toulouse at the initiative of Airbus Group and My Human Kit. The Fabrikarium was a great prototyping sprint that aimed to invent, improve, make and document technical assistance to disability…

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September in the rearview mirror

Welcome to our fablab manager Yohann ! Here we are ! With the recruitment of Yohann Veron, our new fablab manager, the team of My Human Kit is for the first time complete. The team will work in two different places in the city of Rennes (Britanny, France): at our…

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A great week-end full of surprises, in Nantes for the Maker Faire that took place in the “Machines island” in a fairytale world.   We arrived with a great team, including E.mage in 3d (3D scanner creator), OPR (orthotist) and Bicephale (3D printers creator) for the “Scan donation” operation which…

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Bionicohand : “bionico” made it !

If you wonder why eating cookies can be so cool, and are interested in robotic hands, you should definitively checkout this blog post of @bionicohand. Big up, Nico !