Maker Faire Nantes

My Human Kit will be at Maker Faire in Nantes on the 9th and 10th of july.

We will arrive with a big team for the “scan donation” mission where children and adults will  have the possibility to generoulsly give a 3D scan of one of their superior member (hand, arm) to share it online under the MHK profile of Thingiverse website. These models could be downloadable by people who don’t have access to 3D scanner and who could need a 3D printed prosthesis.

Bicéphale (3D printer design engineer), OPR (orthoprosthesis), and E-Mage-in 3D (3D Scanner design engineer) will be part of this amazing team.

We will present the Humanlab and our on going projects : Shiva (esthetic prosthesis), Bionicohand, sonar glove, and Exiii hand.

Join us for the “scan donation”, we rely on your participation!