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De nombreux projets sont en cours de développement et de documentation sur le site internet participatif animé par la communauté de My Human Kit: l’équipe, les volontaires et les prototypeurs. N’hésitez pas à visiter le wiki Humanlab :

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Braille rap project

How to transform a 3d printer into a Braille embosser

This prototype has been developped by a team of volunteers in less than 3 days during the hackathon “Fabrikarium” in Toulouse. Team members were : Hugues Aubin,Damien Canac,Yassine El Yacoubi, Élodie Fourment, Arezki Gastaud, François Le Berre, Arthur Masson, Delphine Paillon, Sébastien Rey. en savoir plus

Troti-e (english)

How to electrify wheelchair with a scooter.

This project is led by Josemaria Arocena. The adaptation of the front of a scooter on a manual wheelchair allows the user to electrify on demand his wheelchair thanks to the modular system. en savoir plus

Sonar Glove

A simple sonar glove at less than 50 $.

Our version of the portable radar system for blind or visually impaired : its concept was invented by Steve Hoefer ( ) to be made with one’s family for less than 50 $ and to learn about arduino and digital manufacturing. en savoir plus

Open Wheelchair

A low cost electric wheelchair.

Our version of the American Project Openwheelchair to be made with standard parts, replicable for southern countries and for an electric version. en savoir plus