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Troti-e (english)

How to electrify wheelchair with a scooter.

This project is led by Josemaria Arocena. The adaptation of the front of a scooter on a manual wheelchair allows the user to electrify on demand his wheelchair thanks to the modular system. en savoir plus


DIY prosthetic myoelectric hand prototype.

This is a project about making a DIY open source prosthetic myoelectric hand, testing the different open source projects in the world and mainly to learn about digital fabrication through a hand disability   en savoir plus

Sonar Glove

A simple sonar glove at less than 50 $.

Our version of the portable radar system for blind or visually impaired : its concept was invented by Steve Hoefer ( ) to be made with one’s family for less than 50 $ and to learn about arduino and digital manufacturing. en savoir plus

Open Wheelchair

A low cost electric wheelchair.

Our version of the American Project Openwheelchair to be made with standard parts, replicable for southern countries and for an electric version. en savoir plus


Hearing aid prototype for people concerned by total deafness in one ear.

An inexpensive hearing aid dedicated to people concerned by total deafness in one ear. The goal is to be able to answer the phone and avoid hearing anchored bone implant. en savoir plus

Sound catching

Ressentir les sons, la musique, en utilisant d'autres sens.

This projects aims at offering to the deaf the possibility to catch sounds, music, by using other senses: sight (Lissajous curves, Chadling plaques, fire equalizers…, sense of smell (perfume organ transforming sound into smell) and also sense of touch (a frequency feeling waistcoat). en savoir plus

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Shiva project

Create customized and beautiful upper limb prosthetics.

The Shiva project is the result of a large amount of interactions with amputees looking for a way to change how they are seen by others, and who would like a good-looking prosthesis for going out, or one for specific activities for example. en savoir plus

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Print my leg

Creating a prosthetic leg that anybody could customize using 3d printing and creativity.

Amputee since the age of 13, my prosthetic leg fulfil its role very well i.e. replacing the missing part of my limb in order to help me move. However, I still think the aesthetic aspect is far less appealing than the functional. Prosthetics try to be, unsuccessfully, like a real…Read more en savoir plus

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