Print my leg

Print my leg
Creating a prosthetic leg that anybody could customize using 3d printing and creativity.

Amputee since the age of 13, my prosthetic leg fulfil its role very well i.e. replacing the missing part of my limb in order to help me move. However, I still think the aesthetic aspect is far less appealing than the functional. Prosthetics try to be, unsuccessfully, like a real leg, in order to hide as much as possible the difference linked to the amputation…

With Print My Leg, I would like my prosthetic leg to be more than just a “tool” that allows me to walk. It could become an opportunity to display my differences proudly, and change the way people view disability.

Glasses are made to correct people’s sight and today they are a must-have fashion accessory. Rappers also “pimp” their teeth by adding bling or gold plates. So what about prosthetics?

Why not “pimp” your prosthetic and make it functional, beautiful and unique?

With Print My Leg , we want to make the personalization of prosthetics accessible to as many people as possible; In order to overcome disability on the psychological level, or simply, to mark their singularity.
Through art, design, mechanics and new technologies, now, each one can overcome or even enhance their differences. Print My Leg allows us to change the prosthetic into something more fascinating and more intriguing. It turns the object that was used to hide a disability into something we can use to express ourselves.

A human, artistic and technological project !

Christophe Debard