3 May 2017
Bionico in 3D training between the east and south of France   The first three weeks of April, Nicolas Huchet (aka Bionico) trained in 3D design and mechanics in TECH 3D a company located in Sarrebourg (east of France). He took there the opportunity to visit several makers like Nicolas…

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9 January 2017
2016 has been extreamly rich in events (see our December press release). For the past weeks, we have had successively and for the first time organised a photo exhibition, a buffet, and a press conference which was transmitted live on facebook. Following the announcement of a place in the finals,…

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7 November 2016
More than 120 volunteers have gathered together from October 19th to 21st for the Fabrikarium, a big event organized in Toulouse at the initiative of Airbus Group and My Human Kit. The Fabrikarium was a great prototyping sprint that aimed to invent, improve, make and document technical assistance to disability…

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My Human Kit present !

Hearing aid prototype for people concerned by total deafness in one ear.


DIY prosthetic myoelectric hand prototype.

Prosthesis · Robotics

Ressentir les sons, la musique, en utilisant d'autres sens.

Create customized and beautiful upper limb prosthetics.


A simple sonar glove at less than 50 $.


My Human Kit wishes to demonstrate that the concept of humanlab, a workshop inspired by fablabs and crossing humans dimensions, pedagogical techniques to transform all people, disabled or not into inventors, “do it yourself” enthusiasts, providing technical assistance hand in hand.

Bringing together
My Human Kit wants to bring together people suffering from disabilities and solutions of their concern using collective intelligence, digital manufacturing tools (3D printers, laser cutting, programmable electronic cards), and documentation of legally replicable and usable solutions.

France alone has 10 million people with disabilities including deaf 5.2 million, 3 million with physical handicaps, 1.7 million of blind or visually impaired, and 700,000 people with mental disabilities.

In the world, only 5 to 10% of hand amputees have access to prosthesis.

80% of the amputees live in an under-developed country.

Sources : INSEE / Handicap International

Our first partners


Fondation de France
Région Bretagne