Taking part

Get equipped and make

My human Kit aims to develop and identify replicable and reusable non-commercial solutions.

Currently, we develop 5 documented projects and a tool is on its way to propose many others.

If you wish to manufacture one of our documented projects visit a digital manufacturing place or :

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Contributing, inventing

Contributing to a project can be done from everywhere and/or in a physical space where meeting and prototyping are made possible, in this instance, in a fablab. A technical assistance user, can have an excellent new idea, a designer can improve a shape, an encoder can transform the use of an object.

Companies, schools and other associations can also help by organizing prototypes acceleration events with My Human Kit.

The use of free licenses allows to legally improve the solutions and at the same time protects IP innovators. My Human Kit favors free re-usable objects with non-commercial use and can study with you all questions of commercial re-use and corresponding licencing.

You can contact us by simply making a proposal :

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