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16 September 2019
When it comes to the end of summer, either on the beach or at home; when we must close windows to keep freshness out, it reminds us to forget about our flip-flops:-) This summer has been warm and cosmopolitan: in August took place a meeting including key actors in the…

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12 April 2019
It was under the Nantes sun and the encouragement of the public that the solidarity race of the Petite Lande middle school took place. On Saturday, it was at 8:30 that we could hear the first footsteps in Rezé’streets. Their hearts racing, sneakers on their feet and a smile on…

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11 March 2019
He is part of the founding members of the first fablab in Rennes, the Labfab of the Beaux-Arts (2012). He started Bionico in October, the same year, and was already talking about Handilab, even though My Human Kit wasn’t present even in the most fanciful and utopian part of our…

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My Human Kit present !

Creating a prosthetic leg that anybody could customize using 3d printing and creativity.


Hearing aid prototype for people concerned by total deafness in one ear.


Create customized and beautiful upper limb prosthetics.


A low cost electric wheelchair.


Ressentir les sons, la musique, en utilisant d'autres sens.

My Human Kit wishes to demonstrate that the concept of humanlab, a workshop inspired by fablabs and crossing humans dimensions, pedagogical techniques to transform all people, disabled or not into inventors, “do it yourself” enthusiasts, providing technical assistance hand in hand.

Bringing together
My Human Kit wants to bring together people suffering from disabilities and solutions of their concern using collective intelligence, digital manufacturing tools (3D printers, laser cutting, programmable electronic cards), and documentation of legally replicable and usable solutions.

France alone has 10 million people with disabilities including deaf 5.2 million, 3 million with physical handicaps, 1.7 million of blind or visually impaired, and 700,000 people with mental disabilities.

In the world, only 5 to 10% of hand amputees have access to prosthesis.

80% of the amputees live in an under-developed country.

Sources : INSEE / Handicap International

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