Hello everybody,

Summer has arrived. The sun is shining, and the clouds are moving in the now cleared up sky. What’s that noise inside my head? The humming sound of bees! I hear the pleasures of life roaring with power…The Humanlab, our digital creation workshop, will follow Askoria this year again and close its doors to the public for the month of August. In the meantime, we have set up new measures in order to respect health guidelines. Our team of employees will alternate between working from home and at the Humanlab, where we have set a limit of maximum five people allowed at the same time. A health protocol has been set up and validated by the Association board:

  • face masks must be worn when the distance of one meter between 2 people can not be respected
  • hands must be washed before entering the Humanlab and at least every two hours
  • the workstations and the floor are sanitized before leaving
  • only 5 workstations are operational in order to ensure social distancing

Pausing Thursday’s Openlabs

As you might have imagined, the Association had to put all Thursday Openlabs (walk-in “open house” workshops) on hold due to the amount of people gathering in the same place and the impossibility of respecting social distancing. It’s a hard blow, especially because Openlabs are moments of conviviality that bring people together. They are the occasion to get out of work or of one’s house, meet new people, develop new technical skills, understand what a disability is, discover a career, share ideas and drink a kefir, tea or coffee (an iced one of course!).

Opening 3 days a week by appointment only.

It is, however, still possible to use the studio to work on projects (respecting the health protocol). Goodbye improvisation, hello anticipation! If you have an idea and/or you need Humanlab’s machines for a project, get in touch with our fabulous managers Delphine and Yohan (contact@myhumankit.org) who’ll help you set up a time slot between 9am and 6pm, on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Tuesdays and Fridays are for team and partners meetings only. Finally, while the Askoria Humanlab will be closed for the whole month of August, the Humanlab of labo Cesson Sévigné will be managed by two volunteers, Gaël and Nico and accessible on Thursdays afternoons. You will find computers, 3D printers, an electronics lab, but also a kitchen and a garden that will be hosting barbecues all summer long! It’s finally summer, it’s always summer, it’s summer again! To arrange an appointment you can contact them at: benevoles@myhumankit.org