Stunfest 2019 Gaming and disability

Gaming and disability: How did my impairment conditioned the choice of my games?

This conference will be held by Jonathan MENIR this Friday. It takes place during the Stunfest, a festival that is all about video game culture. The Stunfest was created in 2005 and is organised by the association 3 Hit Combo in Rennes.
Take this opportunity to play online or on good old arcade terminals for three days, at the theatre Le liberté. In addition to the conference, a stand will be run by the association’s volunteers. Jonathan, Mathilde, Nico, Christian and many others will be present to showcase the B.A.S.I.C.A project, a device able to test different control interfaces. This is a great tool for people with disabilities and guess what! Video games are just another type of interface!
So, which team are you on? Is it Ken, Ryu, Alex Kidd or Mario?



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