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Early September? No, already late October! Recap of the last 2 month

Hear ye, Hear ye!! Two months went by since summer holidays Could not see how quick passed the days Two months until the end of the year With the sun that still glitters No sooner had we the time to express That the cold has taken his place.   SEPTEMBER…

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What the FUCS? Bogota, Colombia (ENG)

Translated by Bronwen McLaren. Back in 1902, ten doctors came together and founded la Sociedad de Cirurgia de Bogotá (Bogota Surgical Society) with the intention of building a modern hospital which could also serve as a center of surgical development to resolve the problems facing health and health teaching at…

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Greece: Pioneers of Social Innovation at French Institute of Athenes

Thursday, June 16th, The French Institute in Greece organized an event on social innovation in partnership with the Institute of Wishable Futures, Ashoka and the Impact Hub. The goal was to inspire young Greek to start the adventure of social entrepreneurship. For this special event, emblematic figures of the movement…

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