When it comes to the end of summer, either on the beach or at home; when we must close windows to keep freshness out, it reminds us to forget about our flip-flops:-)

This summer has been warm and cosmopolitan: in August took place a meeting including key actors in the Open Source and prosthetics field. My Human Kit (from Rennes, France), Orthopus (from Nantes, France), Hackberry (from Tokyo, Japan) et Inali Foundation (from India) met there for the first time. Summer has been constructive and dynamic: Openlabs were handled by volunteers at Labo Cesson (Gaël et Nico Pousset) while others were finishing connecting a joystick control device from a wheelchair to a video game console (Christian et Jonathan). Projects kept going on whereas employees were on holidays. That is the strength of the association: the community.

Afterwards, since early September, the entire team moved back to the Humanlab for a 2-day meeting centered on our voluntary project, our identity, our missions, and our values. As an example, we want to feed this community dynamic in getting more volunteers involved, in order to organize Openlabs in the evening or during weekends. We want to continue pushing project initiators forward, organizing a manufacturing weekend to build 3 rd wheels for wheelchairs, getting
all partner Humanlabs together, maintaining international relationship, updating our website…

Let’s remain motivated!

Openlabs will get back on September 19 th , on Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM, as usual, and we would be delighted to welcome you there. We are looking for volunteers to work on and follow projects: DIY enthusiasts, literary persons, good mood people… Competences we are looking for range from spelling to photography areas, including coding, sewing, management, decorating, electronics, and many more.

Summary for the end of the year:

– 2 nd and 3rd September: meeting at My Human Kit -Rennes-
– 5 th September: ceremony for Innovation Team Best Practices -Paris- 11 th , 12 th and 13 th September: reorganization of the Humanlab -Rennes-
– 13 th September: Bionico’s fashion show with U-Exist -Lille-
– 18 th September: Pauline’s arrival, Partnership Lead for on a one-year contract
– 21 st September: manufacturing of a Hackberry hand -Betton (35)-
– 26 th September: conference with Nicolas Huchet for the SNCF -Paris-
– 26 th and 27 th September: workshop with Orthopus -Rennes-
– 28 th September: Festilab, festival about Digital (Lucie) -Amanlis (35)
– 9 th and 10 th October: SEIS – Experimentation and Social Innovation Fair at Askoria -Rennes-
– 15 th , 16 th , 17 th and 18 th October: Fabrikarium with Ariane -Les Mureaux (78)-
– 24 th October: meeting with IRT Jules Verne (Nicolas) -Nantes-
– 29 th October to 3 rd November: Paris Games Week -Paris-
– 14 th November: conference with Nicolas Huchet for Master Card -Paris-
– 14 th , 15 th and 16 th November: Make Africa (Delphine, Charlie) -Cotonou, Bénin-
– 25 th November: Hackathon (Yohann) -Chateaubriand (44)-
– 26 th November: selection board of the Handicap Commission at Fondation de France
(Nicolas) -Paris-